A week in the life of...

Site: Unguja ukuu primary school

INSTALLED:  WE're Looking for funding!


Project manager:  Richard Harris


Award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Richard Harris has lived an often nomadic life. But travels with his camera show him things he never thought he’d see and introduces him to people he never expected to meet. Inspired by his recent visit to Zanzibar, he wants to share that love of photography with the young people of Unguja Ukuu and has developed this exciting project but we're still looking for funding to cover the costs of cameras and printing equipment. What we’re planning:

Take cameras to Zanzibar and recruit children for the project. The children are taught to use and edit photographs by our expert, Richard Harris. Children take cameras home for a week and record images of their lives.  They learn professional editing techniques. The results are collated to form an exhibition that tours the island's tourist resorts to show "The other side of Zanzibar".  An anthology of photography is produced for sale and a media project is developed.