Welcome to Zanzibar Schools Project

The children of Unguja Ukuu, a rural village in Zanzibar, are the focus of our project. Eight hundred students aged 5-13 years old are enrolled in the local school.  Although the native language is Swahili, most subjects are taught in English, even though the teachers struggle with English. Most teachers' English language skills are no more than intermediate level.  To add to the confusion the children also learn Arabic. There are more than 50 students in every class and teachers share textbooks. The students themselves have no textbooks. Classes consist of the teachers writing information on blackboards for students to copy into their books, supplemented by rote learning.  There’s no time or energy for class discussions or exercises to develop thinking skills.

Our focus
“The children here are emotionally and intellectually deprived.  No-one has time for them.  They come from large families where daily life is a struggle.  The children have many duties from caring for younger siblings to carrying water and looking after animals.  The teachers are on low salaries and need second jobs to make ends meet.  They don't have time for the children either.” (Caroline Richardson, Volunteer)

The Safari English Club works closely with the school and the local community to improve the English language skills of young people in the village.  We teach study and life skills and through activities help students realise their potential.  Explore the website to find out more about specific projects. We welcome volunteers and donations!
Our projects are designed to:

  • Prepare Standard V and VI students for secondary school entry examinations
  • Develop links between young people in Unguja Ukuu and their counterparts around the world
  • Improve the English language skills of the teachers
  • Enhance curriculum resources for teachers
  • Support initiatives including the nursery school and a sustainable gardening project
  • Provide valuable volunteer experiences that benefit both the community and the volunteer
  • Develop innovative education projects that help build the confidence of the students
  • Enhance the school building and equipment