Here you are in Unguja Ukuu, enjoying the special atmosphere of Menai Bay. Perhaps you’d like to find out more about the village and maybe talk to some of the friendly villagers. But where to start? You don’t speak Swahili and maybe not many of the locals speak English. In fact there’s a group of young people who’ve been working hard at their English language skills since 2016.  They meet after school at Safari English Club. They love meeting overseas visitors and finding out about their lives as well as talking about their own homes and families. 

Village Tour: Safari English Club offers a tour that will help you get to know more about the village and the people who live here. The older students (in their late teens/early twenties) have prepared a tour that gives an insight into this ancient capital of Zanzibar. Unguja Ukuu is one of the oldest trading posts along the coast and is where early Islamic influence came to the island. The tour includes the hidden cave where people have come for millennia to ask for help and leave offerings to the gods.  You’ll learn about a famous local, Mohamed wa Joka, who was famous for forseeing the future, finding lost children and working some remarkable magic. Along the way you’ll meet some of the villagers who work as farmers, shopkeepers and fishermen and visit a typical house and shop. This tour is available every day, outside of school hours.

Village Tour: Tour lasts 2 hours and costs $10 per person. Please call Gasica on 0773110738 or Mohammed on 0777514170  or email

School Tour: Come and meet the friendly children in Safari English Club who love to interact with visitors from overseas and to practice their English. The club meets daily from Monday to Thursday during term time after regular school finishes. More than 100 students share lunch of rice and beans cooked by the deputy headmaster’s wife and funded by well-wishers in the UK. By 1.30pm they are ready for the English Club which is very different to morning school. Classes are smaller and the focus is on English and Maths.  Success in these subjects leads to greater life choices and academic success.  The children love to watch English language films, use dictionaries for personal study and learn independent thinking skills.

When you come to Safari English Club you’ll find that the students want to tell you about their school day, the subjects they learn, their daily routines and their families. They’re proud of their village and can tell you what they love about it. Expect to see their exercise books and some of their creative work. Money raised by the tours is used to support Safari English Club. We pay for additional teacher training, salaries and resources such as dictionaries, pens, text books and art materials.   

Unguja Ukuu has two schools – the primary school where students study up to age 12 or 13. Then a few win scholarships to study in Stone Town, about 10% go on to the village secondary school and the rest hope for traditional employment with their families in fishing and farming.

School Tour: Tour lasts 2 hours and costs $10 per person. Please call Gasica on 0773110738 or Mohammed on 0777514170  or email