Pen friends

SiteS: Unguja Ukuu primary school and Harmondsworth Primary SChool

Installed:  APRIL, 2016

TEAM AND PARTNERS: Harmondsworth Primary School

Project manager: Sarah Allum

None of the students in the Safari English Club have ever travelled or left the island.  But they are intensely curious about the lives of children in other parts of the world and love meeting visitors their own age from other countries.  They really enjoyed a short Skype session with students at a school in Brighton and they are penfriends with children at the Harmondsworth Primary School.  
There's still something special about receiving a hand-written letter.  In case you are wondering how long the letters from England take to get to Zanzibar, well you have to wait until someone is coming for a holiday here! There was a fast delivery for the first batch of letters as the teacher from Harmondsworth was spending her honeymoon on Zanzibar and packed the letters along with her swimwear!
The second batch of letters were lost when a suitcase went astray but fortunately Sarah had taken photocopies of all the letters.  When Gasica visited the UK he put copies of the letters in his hand luggae and the students in Unguja Ukuu were fascinated to hear about his visit to Harmondsworth.  They were so excited to receive the letters and they spent a long time composing and illustrating their responses.

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