We welcome volunteers, but it take a while to adjust to Zanzibar life!  For this reason we prefer volunteers to spend three months working on our projects. However, there are short term opportunities for students and those who want to volunteer at our English Immersion Camps. We need people who have specific skills to offer such as a teaching, a TEFL qualification or other experiences of working with children. 

Unlike many organisations, we don't charge volunteers a fee.  We can help you to arrange accommodation (either in a hostel around $15 per night, or in an AirBnB apartment) and provide a car with fuel. On arrival in Zanzibar you will be met at the airport and provided with a local phone.   Your orientation will take place over several days and will include an overview of Stone Town, driving and village life.

For the latest news on what our volunteers are doing, please visit our Facebook page.

We welcome partnership with other organisations and donations of working equipment for the school (eg cameras and laptops) as well as suitable textbooks.


As a small charity we have no overheads - all donations go directly to support projects at Unguja Ukuu.

We’re always looking for volunteers and partners. You can also make a donation by clicking the button “Support Us Today.”

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