English Immersion Camp

The English Language Immersion Camp, Makunduchi, October 2016
A highlight of 2016 was the English Immersion Camp, set up by Chloe and supported by a 3 local teachers and 3 international volunteers.  For 4 days and 3 nights the students only spoke English.  Class sizes were small and there were a range of activities that were new to everyone.  It was an incredibly powerful, and life changing experience.  The highlights included making chocolate cakes inside oranges on the fire, making lotus flower paper lanterns, exploring creative language in English, a terrifying night game in which the students defeated 5 evil monsters set on taking over the world, a night walk during which the students were silent for an hour and turned their focus inwards, a celebration fire, discussions on what it means to be black and white and singing until everyone lost their voices during an incredibly heavy rain storm.  Thanks to Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club for sponsorship.

Standard VI English Language Immersion Camp, Panga Chumvi, Matemwe, August 2017
This year the Immersion Camp just focused on 31 Standard VI students who are taking the Primary School Leaving examination in November. The plan was two packed days of English language learning and activities in a beautiful location. Sun, sea, sand and singing were the order of the weekend! We were delighted to have 2 professional teachers from the UK and 3 other English native speakers volunteering to run the course which gave a great student/teacher ratio. Two of the local teachers came along too and they seemed to enjoy the mysteries of sock puppet theatre and interacting with Geraldine the Giraffe, expert of phonics. Progress was made over the weekend and the teachers reported a significant development of confidence in the students. Thanks to CoCo's Foundation for sponsorship.