Our partners

We would like to acknowledge the many ways in which we receive support from organisations in Zanzibar and in the UK.  Without this support Zanzibar Schools Project would not be nearly as successful or be able to offer the young people of Unguja Ukuu so many opportunities.

  • The Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club has supported activities in Zanzibar for many years. Individuals make financial contributions, donate computer equipment and other educational materials, give their time and expertise and provide moral support. In the last 2 years the club has made generous financial donations that enabled the purchase of the Kio Kit tablet computers, upgrade of the computer room at the primary school and Gasica's visit to the UK for professional development.
  • The Rotary Club of Zanzibar - Stone Town consistently provides insider support and amazing advice to Zanzibar Schools Project. The club isn't large, but it's efficient and well-connected to some of the major health and education projects on the island. Most recently we've really appreciated their commitment to bring the Kio Kit computers to the island and to make sure our volunteers settle into a very different environment. They help us administer our finances to keep the local teachers paid and make sure that local expenses are settled efficiently. In 2017 they are supporting the Debate Team participation in a debate competition in Dar es Salam
  • CoCo's Foundation visited Zanzibar in January 2017 and as a result are planning some activities with us including a second English Language Immersion Camp.
  • The Ipswich Orwell Rotary Club's 2016/17 President visited Zanzibar in August 2016 for a family holiday.  As a result they are raising funds for much needed electricity for the Nursery School. The electricity supply is most important for powering the well for water.
  • My Book Buddy in the Netherlands has supplied two fantastic consignments of books, including dictionaries that are much loved by the students.
  • Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation provides excellent local teachers to run Safari English Club lessons.  They motivate the students to reach their full potential, leading by example
  • Bigbamboo showcases the image work of award-winning filmmaker and photographer, Richard Harris, who took many of the evocative photographs on our website. We are grateful to Richard for allowing us to use these images and look forward to working with him in the future. The complete Zanzibar portfolio can be seen on his website at www.bigbamboo.photo
  • Modestly Active generously provide burkinis from their sportswear range so that the girls in Safari English Club can enjoy the beach and the sea with as much freedom of movement as the boys!
  • The Goodall Foundation is running a Tanzanian Headmasters Management course throughout the first half of 2017.  We're delighted that they have funded a place for Gasica to attend the course.  After each residential course he returns to Zanzibar buzzing with new ideas.
  • The English Language Centre in Brighton generously enabled Gasica to attend two courses that have assisted with his professional development.  In October 2016 he completed the Advanced English Course and the TEFL teaching course.  The school also provides TEFL text books.
  • Baked in Hove kindly hosted a fund-raising community tea event during Gasica's UK visit.
  • Roweena Web Design developed the visual identities for Zanzibar Schools Project and Zanzibar Learning 4 Life Foundation and provides ongoing graphics support.