Gasica in Canada (Ann)

Safari English Club members crowded into the Computer Room to hear what Gasica got up to in Canada.  They were fascinated about his description of a “white world” where the snow turned everything white, even the trees. Ice hockey was demonstrated on the slippery tiled floor and everyone was amazed at how many layers of clothes he had to wear. The photo of Gasica in the Apple shop had many jaws dropping – the students have never seen anything like it. 

Gasica is such a great role model for the students.  His travels to the UK and to Canada are a source of inspiration for them to work hard especially at their English studies. Gasica certainly worked hard when he was in Canada.  The initial impetus for his visit was to speak at a fund-raising Gala Dinner hosted by Daraja Foundation.  This was a great start to his trip – he also spoke at Rotary Club meetings as well as at schools and universities.  One of the highlights was to meet the people behind “Bicycles for Humanity” and to help load a container of bicycles that are destined for Zanzibar Bicycles 4 Life.  They’re expected to arrive on the island in a few weeks time and repairing the bicycles for sale or rent gives great employment to young people in Fuoni.

When we left Zanzibar in March last year, Vadim, the sports teacher at the International School was keen to set up a Martial Arts course for local children.  The problem was that he didn’t have any links with suitable children that had a grasp of English and a good work ethic. Of course, ZL4LF was happy to recommend suitable students.  The objectives of the martial arts course was explained to the the parents to check that they were happy with the contents of the course.  In the heat of Sunday afternoon we watched a 75 minute practice session and were left amazed! Hope you enjoy the photos!And to finish off, there are changes in the Zanzibari education system that teacher Sadiq was moaning about today.  It used to be that students had to wear their blue and white school uniform in the secondary school until they’d passed their Form 2 exams.  This year the system has changed and all the students in the secondary school are wearing the black and white uniform that was formerly reserved for those who passed their exams...well the discussion makes a change from grade inflation!